FX School, Mumbai's first Unity Authorised Training Centre, offers courses in Game Design & Development, which trains students in Unreal Engine as well as Unity. At the end of the course, students will not only be able to create their own high-end 3-D games but also become Unity Certified Associates.

FX School offers an 11-month Advanced Certificate course comprising 4 modules and a 6-month Professional Certificate course in Unreal Engine.

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Advanced Certificate Course in Game Design & Development

Course Content

Module 1: Foundation in Gaming & Computer Graphics

The Foundation module in Gaming and Computer Graphics aims to give the student an understanding of CGI and the Gaming Industry including their Production Pipelines. Students will learn the basics of Blender and the Unity game engine.

Course Outline

CG Animation:

  • Understanding 3D Space and Elements
  • Introduction to Blender
  • Camera Animation
  • Introduction to Blender & Blender Tools
  • Asset Layout in Blender
  • Modeling Tools
  • Basic UV Editing and Shading
  • Using Photoshop for Texturing
  • Texture Baking in Blender
  • Creating and Exporting Game-ready Assets in Blender

Game Design & Development:

  • Gaming Platforms and Markets
  • Project Management in Unity
  • Game Production Pipeline & Documentation
  • Introduction to Unity
  • Importing of Assets into Unity
  • Creating an Environment in Unity
  • Lighting Techniques in Unity

Module 2: Unity Specialisation

Students will learn advanced techniques for Game Design and Development using the latest features in Unity Game Engine.

Course Outline

  • Terrain - Unity
  • Animation - Timeline and Cinemachine
  • Animator - State Machine
  • Sprite Animation - Using State Machine to do Transitions
  • Lighting In Unity - Realtime Global Illumination, Baked Global Illumination
  • Light Baking - Light Probes, Reflection Probes
  • Shader Graph in Unity
  • Post Processing Stack
  • Look Development for Games
  • Augmented Reality
  • Virtual Reality

Module 3: Unity Certified Associate Course

The Unity Certified Associate Course makes you proficient in the Unity game engine and prepares you to take the Unity Developer Certification Exam.

Course Outline

  • Physics in the unity game engine
  • Building a game level
  • Importing animated characters & Implementing them in the game
  • Basic Scripting
  • Navigation and Pathfinding
  • Particle systems
  • Implementing audio
  • User Interface design
  • Building the game for PC
  • Optimising the game for Mobile development

Module 4: Game Development Project

In this module, Game Design & Development students will create a high-end game. This is a pure production module! You will be meeting one-on-one with your appointed faculty mentor at regular pre-determined intervals to monitor progress and unlock any additional resources you may need.

Professional Certificate in Unreal Engine

Module 1: Unreal Pro 1

This module aims to give the student core skills to start designing and customizing game levels in Unreal Engine.

Course Outline

  • Asset creation in Blender
  • UV unwrapping
  • Basic lighting & texturing for the level inside Unreal
  • Customized materials and lighting
  • Introduction to Camera inside Unreal
  • Advanced Lighting & Texturing
  • Adding VFX elements (Particles & Atmospherics)

Module 2: Unreal Pro 2

This module introduces students to moreadvanced concepts and techniques in UnrealEngine. Students who complete this module willhave the skills to create a complex level withinnovative texturing, lighting and blueprinting.

Course Outline

  • Level Blueprinting
  • Class Blueprinting
  • Construction Scripts
  • Blueprints For Pick-Ups
  • Adding a Matinee Actor
  • Incorporating the UI/UX for the Game
  • Packaging the Game for PCs

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Why FX School

  • Top Ranked Institute by HT
  • Internationally trained faculty
  • State of the Art GAMING LAB powered by high end GPUs
  • Oculus Rift VR (Virtual Reality) Development Kits
  • Award-Winning Students & Alumni
  • Live Online Training during Lockdowns -- NO Time Wasted!
  • Project & Practicals oriented curriculum that ensures that you have a high-quality demo-reel at the end of the course

  • No Cost EMI Education Loans Available!
  • Eduvanz Neev

Student Testimonials

Komal Kawale

Komal KawaleDiploma in Game Art and Game Design & Development

I did my Diploma in Game Art and Game Design & Development. During the course I was able to make a 3D first person maze game in Unreal Engine 4 with a horror theme, plus a Digital Art portfolio showcasing my skills in both 2D and 3D. I learnt multiple software and skills to complete my project.

FX School has amazing faculty who are professionals in their field of work and enthusiastic in teaching. My journey here has been very memorable and enduring.

Mushthakh Ahamed

Mushthakh Ahamed Diploma in CG Animation & Game Design Development

Learning at FX School has been a wonderful experience—I would say a turning point in my life. The Faculty here are simply the Best! And the people I met were so creative! My time at FX School was like a Reboot for my life. I wish for FX School to keep growing always.

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