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FX School's courses in Photography help you acquire the practical skills necessary to become a professional photographer. With these courses, you gain in-depth knowledge of the working of the latest Mirrorless Cameras and DSLRs, studio lighting, outdoor photography, and image editing techniques. A hands-on, project-oriented approach helps you build a substantial portfolio that will showcase your photography skills.

FX School offers an 11-month Advanced Certificate course comprising four modules and a Professional Certificate course comprising a 3-month Fashion Portfolio Project module that enables you to take your fashion photography skills to the next level and make a world-class portfolio.

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Why FX School

  • Fully equipped professional-grade Chroma studio
  • 100% Apple Mac Environment in all digital labs
  • Internationally trained faculty
  • Project oriented curriculum that ensures that you have a high-quality portfolio at the end of the course

  • No Cost EMI Education Loans Available!
  • Eduvanz Neev

Student Testimonials

Mitali Vyas

Mitali VyasSpecialisation in Advanced Studio Photography

I have been a food photographer for quite sometime but I wanted to explore Fashion Photography.

I came across a lot of schools but what set FX School apart from the rest was how well the institute has been carved for artists. I was looking out for an intensive study on lighting and I was quite impressed by the way the curriculum had been structured for us. The provision of an excellent faculty, first hand practical experience and state-of-the art facilities gave me the perfect environment to learn and grow. I am well pleased with the experience and knowledge that was imparted through FX School. It is truly not just an institute but a school.

Ridhiin Pancchmatia

Ridhiin Pancchmatia Basic Photography

It was fun learning Photography at FX School, and being surrounded by creative people and doing studio and outdoor shoots. What I liked most was that the course is designed to take out the creative side of you rather than only teaching the functions of a DSLR. We were constantly encouraged to explore with composition, colors & lighting. I’m really glad to have had the experience of being at FX School.

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